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left4dead and friends make a good combination for a late-night out (:
Saturday, February 28, 2009
1:29 AM
Hello World! :D

Today's been an eventful day, which turned out pretty good and enjoyable in the end! But I'm still feeling bitter and sore for not running the 12 rounds practice for cross country. I really wanted to run today, but (like I said to the class), the washing machine in my stomach's increased and upgraded itself and by the 5th round, the machine was churning with a turbo-jet engine, tumbling the contents of my stomach at the speed of 3.142 x 10^6. I'm upset I didn't complete the run. But I'll try again one of this days soon before MacRitchie!

Rockafella was held today, but we decided to ditch it for Left4Dead. After Jon and Jo left the school first, I stayed on in school to chat with Xiuuu :D and Ken came over to meet me after he bathed. We did some work in the canteen while waiting for Justin (who was in detention! HAHA), and we left the school at 7+pm with Elijah and Keong. So Ken, Elijah, Keong and me made our way to Kovan/Serangoon area. Had dinner somewhere near the LAN shop, while waiting for the others to come. Oh, and we called Gabriel last minute! And he didn't believe Justin when Elijah and Just told him I was there. Weighing the possibilities, he says. Wee came over shortly after, and Jon a while later too, Gab met us at the LAN shop itself which was only a few shops down the road.

So then we went to play Left4Dead. And I swear, it was so morbid it scared me initially cause there were like zombies blasted in the screens. So for the first 5 minutes of playing the game in my entire life I was just screaming my head off, flabbergasting, and waving my hands frantically all over the place. I swear its because I kept getting attacked by the other team, like they'd say, I was their easy target afterall. So the first time I got tongued by smoker, I threw my hands over my eyes and screamed.

Anyway, I was in Jon, Keong and Ken's team, against Justin, Elijah, Gabriel and Wee. And we got owned quite badly. 36 - 1000+ Haha! Sorry guys! But it was so fun! And Ken kept saying he'll kill me on the pretext of testing the gun, so I freaked out when he said he would team with me because I was so convinced he'd shoot me the minute the game starts. But turned out to be the opposite actually because he saved me a few times when I'm down, but most of the times Jon had to. HAHA, cause I was sitting next to him so I'd scream when I'm down and he'll know before the others. Thanks Stupid boy! :D

We finished at 10 plus, and Ken, Keong and Wee left first. So Elijah, Gabriel, Justin, Jon and me rested at the eating house for a while. Oh, they wanted to go eat durians! :O But they settled for just drinks instead. Jon and me then left after a while to embark on our "trust" walk to Serangoon Gardens which was about 5 bus stops away. HAHA. I called it trust walk cause half of the times he covered my eyes, so I had to just listen to him for directive words, and mostly they were REALLY helpful, mostly they were just "walk. walk. walk.". But I wasnt any better actually. Because when it was my turn to cover his eyes and lead him to walk, I kept silent, and sometimes silence is even worse than noise. HAHA. And half the time I was supposed to be leading him, I was asking him for directions.

Dad reached Gardens slightly earlier than we did. I bet its because of all the directing me to walk into the lamp poles along the way! Haha, but its ok, I enjoyed the walk (:

Met Dad at about 11.50pm and reached home at about 12.15am (:

1:29 AM

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
1:37 PM
I'm supposed to be in school now, probably mulling over some maths question Mr Lim's giving us to do, or chattering away, or explaining to Jo why the sigma should be square-rooted, but I'm at home.

Left the school at about 11am, because my stomach was killing me. Its almost comparable to the time I had stomach ulcer and flu. Dad brought me home and took me to the doctor, and dang, I've got food poisoning ):

I hate medicine!

NTUIS tomorrow, and its Ash Wednesday today. Gotta go to church later too. I'm logging off the computer because I promised people I'd rest. So I'll go do my History SBQ now. Heh! I DONT WANNA STAY UP TILL 4 AGAIN! :O

1:37 PM

xoxo, to my friends (:
Tuesday, February 24, 2009
12:26 AM
Many things happened of late, and honestly, the only thing I'm really happy is that it just proves to show how strong our friendship is, and I'm really glad we survived this, because honestly, you know I need you around. This year, last year, and for all the years to come. I'll never want to not be able to rant, laugh at you and with you, go out with you freely, swim, study, talk, eat, play, laugh, or even waking up to your mess of hair. You know I can't do without you too (:

Anyways, Heidi's so sweet! (HEIDI I KNOW YOU'LL SEE THIS.. SOME TIME!)
My Personal Message on MSN is: Whether or not the permanent members' veto powers were an obstacle to Security Council taking actions is a contentious issue.
And just before she logged off she said this.

heidi - - QT(3.14159) says: your hypo
heidi - - QT(3.14159) says: needs to add the CW timeframe

And she's always been so strong in her History, and me, the other way around. Its nice to know you've got great classmates helping you along the way and trying to help you to improve and do better each time.

12:26 AM

A past so deep that even you could not bury if you tried
Saturday, February 21, 2009
1:45 AM
I'll just pretend I'm not crying.


Jiong Le! Super tall guy. And this is our actual height. He's not tip toeing and I'm not bending down :O
No Jon, the pic's not here because you're in it, but because my hair looks so long in here! :D

And this, is what I go to school for (:

Shooting Orientation with the J1s was eggciting and fun! (: I was smashed in the face with flour (BY JONATHAN YAP LAH!), had flour all over my hair (thanks to Jiong Le and Chun Yong!), and I was all in all disgusting, but I had fun! (: I'll post the pictures up when I get them! ME THINKS SHOOTING CLUB IS MANY MANY HEARTS AND LOVE (:

Literature Night was a interesting. Haha! Our entire class dressed up, and I honestly thought it was cool. Fel cleverly borrowed the dresses for the main characters from her previous drama club. Honestly smart. And the guys mostly wore their prom stuff, or borrowed blazers and all (dad's, friends', etc.). And yes, the theme for the night was: VICTORIAN GOTHIC.

So the girls were slapped with tons of make up especially Sab, to create the dead-inside look of Miss Havisham. I was one of the few happy characters yesterday (so I didnt have to look all gothic! :D), dressing as the young Miss Havisham, and I'm supposed to be in love, and happy and in my prime of life. Haha, its quite funny actually. Ironical and juxtapositioned.

We watched Gormenghast instead of Nosferatu mainly because of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Haha! But it turned out to be a very very boring film which we all couldn't entirely appreciate it. So hald of us were talking, some were falling asleep, and Sab and me left for the washroom for a while to take some pictures.

But the company was great and I'm glad I turned up :D Everyone was decked out in pretty costumes and goth looks, Tara looked good as the sexy vampire! Heh! (: Thanks to Fel for the dress, and Heidi for the hairstyling, and Hazel for making me up (We had loads of fun experimenting :x) :D

Mark, Jon and I only got on the bus at 11pm to go to Serangoon Gardens for dinner/supper at R.K House! (: Oh, we met Tianyu who boarded the bus halfway! HAHA. Mark left earlier while Jonathan (very kindly) waited till my dad came, and showed me his ridiculous formulas (which were as stupid as that stupid boy! HAHA! KIDDING, JON!) on how mathematicians can profess their love to one another. And I've gotta admit that it amused me on how he actually came up with it. Its quite funny.

Dad then came to fetch me home after the food and I reached home at 1am after turning over to buy Punggol Nasi Lemak on the way back :D :D :D

Oh, and I was just clearing stuff on my com, when I found this.
[21:46:25] afraid. (Online)
i never told you this, but you've always been and still is my archille's heel.
[21:50:28] DAN (Online)
i'm sorry
[21:50:38] afraid. (Online)
its okay.
[21:50:44] DAN (Online)
i guess you'll have to live with me being like this
[21:50:51] DAN (Online)
so long as you live
[21:50:57] afraid. (Online)
i know
[21:51:03] DAN (Online)
i'll always be your weak spot
[21:51:26] DAN (Online)
aren't you worried you might one day fall badly?
[21:51:40] afraid. (Online)
it wont be the first anyway

Its pretty funny now that I look and read back on it. Its like.. foreshadowing. This time though, I'm not falling. I'm just staying afloat, I'm still in love, but with my friends. I've fallen bad enough and enough, I'm not falling again. My friends won't let me fall.

I wore my heart on my sleeves for daws to peck at, but not anymore.

1:45 AM

i shoot my pb when everyone else will prolly think i'm weeping.
Thursday, February 19, 2009
11:17 PM


Okay I know its lame to be this happy when its just 3 points improvement from my previous personal best of 364. BUT, THEN AGAIN. I WILL REJOICE OVER EVERY POINT I IMPROVE BECAUSE I AM IMPROVING :D

Its funny how I used to be all tangled and screwed up when something like that happens.

AND TMR'S GONNA BE A REALLY FUN DAY! SO, BYE FRIENDS! I'm gonna go do some preps stuff!

11:17 PM

12:29 AM
I remember when, I'd be with my friends
You checked on me and made time to call
But how things have changed, now I don't hear from you at all.

Sometimes I feel like there's no getting through to you
Like you don't appreciate all that I do.

If anything good came out of this week is that I finally know the truth. Boy, it feels good (:

YES JON, YOU'LL BE MY (IMPROMPTU) SOFT AND FLUFFY PILLOW WHENEVER I NEED ONE! You'll regret saying that! HAHA! I'll create more oil-spills on you, and leave more of my mark (eg. saliva) HAHA, and last but not least, I WILL TACKLE YOU DOWN. I MUST TRY.

Mr Lim says, TRY.

Heh. Anyway, we've decided on the JC1s to be recruited this year. I'll accept 10 bucks from those who wants early release of information. HAHA KIDDING, the list will be up tomorrow anyway :D I DONT ACCEPT BRIBERY OF ANY KINDS!

Literature with Alfred Pang tomorrow, and I'm already dead (yes I know my fate early), because I've not submitted my Lit essay which is due 2 days ago. And as far as I know, only Jon and me are left. So screwed.


Oh, and today the saddest but most comical thing at the same time happened to me in my life in CJ;
Aloy, Jo, Jon and me (yah ok, usual peeps again lah) were late for History lecture. To be more precise, Ms Teo's hist lec. Ok, so history students would know how loud she'd scream. And today she wasn't in the best of moods, or at least not during lecture. So she made us sit on the steps. Then she screamed at Osman. And a while later.. I chuckled to myself because I thought of Junyi's joke which she told us on Monday-

Brief version: Once there was a lion who ruled the forest, he wanted to eat up all the animals, but the animals protested and wanted him to have a fair competition for their lives. So the lion agreed and told them to tell a joke. If everyone in the audience laughed, they're lives would be spared. So the first up was the donkey, and everyone laughed at his joke, except the tortoise. Second one was a goat, and again, everyone laughed except the tortoise. So up till now the donkey and the goat have been eaten up. Now came the monkey. He told a joke, but it was only mediocre. But nevertheless everyone laughed to try save his life, and this time too, the tortoise laughed. So the lion was puzzled and he asked the tortoise why was he laughing. The tortoise replied, "OH, BECAUSE THE DONKEY'S (first animal eaten up) JOKE VERY FUNNY!"

Get it get it? Anyway, yah. I chuckled to myself while sitting on the steps and Jon just looked up, so I shook my head and smiled. And then..


:O i know right! But then again, I was distracted, so she had every right to scold me. Damn, I should never let myself get distracted even when I'm copying the headings! >.<


Gonna chaoooo to do my lit!


I just wanna be alone tonight
I just wanna take a little breather
Cause lately all we do is fight
And every time it cuts me deeper

Cause something's changed
You've been acting so strange
And its taking its toll on me
Its safe to say that I'm ready to let you leave

Without you, I live it up a little more everyday
Without you, I'm seein myself so differently
I didn't wanna believe it then
But it all worked out in the end
When I watched you walk away
Well I never thought I'd say
I'm fine
Without you

12:29 AM

Valentine's can't be that bad when..
Saturday, February 14, 2009
8:27 PM
The best things that happened this week:

1. Uncle's friend passed Mommy the Coach bags we ordered! And ooh-la-la, they're new designs cause his trips dragged. (sadly he didn't get to buy all the bags we wanted because of info-discrepancies, and the shoes because they didn't have the size ): ): ): )
2. Shooting trials bonded the shooting club further, and I really really love them! (:

3. I had the first encounter with water babies for my entire life. (ah, yes, the simple pleasures of life.)
5. Having friends I really love and knowing they love you back.

Its actually 3.47am now, the above was typed earlier. And Jon and Jo came over instead because our plans for night cycling was cancelled since some of our classmates couldn't make it. Movie marathon instead, but apparently marathon isn't exactly marathon because Phantom Of The Opera have knocked the two out. And I'm blogging with Jo sleeping on my right and Jon sleeping on my left.

Anyway, Jon decided to be really sweet today (for once! HAHA), and he got both Jo and me flowers for Valentine's Day. Aww, thanks Jon, you'll always be my favourite and only (you're the only one who can qualify as stupid already.) stupid boy (:

HAHA, he'll prolly 'whaaat' me when he reads this.. when, that is.

Jon just moved in his sleep and knocked onto something, I couldn't help but giggle to myself and he looked up, pretty embarrassed. So poor thing now Jon! (He hates it when I do this to him, haha, then again, all 3 of us do.)

Honestly, I love these 2 very very much, they're my confidants, my listening ear, my crying shoulder, my friends, my brother/sister, my pals, my pillars of support.

I have a crazy urge to go complete all my homework now and put the 2 to shame, but I figured I won't do that. Not today.. No, not today. Instead, I'll drift off to my utopia, or dystopia. Depending on whichever one is lined up for me today. But whichever, it doesn't matter. I've got the 2, and I really am contented. I'll let myself immerse myself in their presence, and enjoy being around them for now (:


8:27 PM

I think.
1:28 AM
I dont really have much to say about today, but I can complain about the day.

Had to prize present today, and apparently, I was too soft, and too fast. Point to take note for the next few presentations for anyone: Take down the mike and speak into it.

PE was sick and tiring! Mr New's Physical Conditioning session was so tiring! He made us to intervals, 7 rounds. And all the stopping just tire us more.

Then school bored us all the way through with GP after PE. I swear I'm not learning anything from GP lessons. I might as well not go.

After school was more exciting though. Went to the range with the shooooooooooters, and we had our third trials for the selection shoot, it was insanely crowded again. Went to watch them do PT, when Mel, Keryu and Kai came back to visit (: I miss the J3s now.

It was good to see people having to do PT and not doing it ourselves >.< I liked that. But poor PTIs had to run 3 rounds with them. And Jon! Who ran during PE and during the trials. Furthermore he ran 3 extra rounds after PE, so he ran 13 rounds in total.

We had about 60 people who turned up at the second trials I think. And about 60 on the first day as well, now we'll be busy until the J1s actually come in for real.

Over the course of last few days, I've grown to be attached and close to the club. I feel like we ARE a club this time. And I like it. I like this new-found sense of belonging all over again (:

Some of the shooters then went along with the bus to transport the weapons to Safra, but I didn't go in the end cause I went out with the class guys instead. Thanks Hutt and Jiong Le especially for everything! They really did a good job, and they handled the matter well, even when the uncle flared up for having to wait.

Jon, Junyi, Evelyn and myself (APW FTW! :D) then headed to AMK, then we split up from there. Emo and Junyi went to AMK Hub, and Jon and I met Justin and Aloy. Ate dinner while waiting for Patsy, Marcus (from our GP class!) and Wee to join us. Yes, 04 friends, you'd have guessed it for now. I joined them for their weekly event; Left4Dead (:

Anyway, I won't elaborate in details, except that we didn't want to wait so we went over to Raiders and in the end the comps there sucked. Next week they're going back to their usual place to play I think :D

Reached home at 11+pm again, I think. And its not the only thing I think now. I think I pulled my left thigh muscle, because it hurts like !@#$%^&*(), and I think many many other things.

Thanks friends! For the notes and chocolates! Love you all very very much too! (with or without the chocs and notes) :D

1:28 AM

Thursday, February 12, 2009
7:54 PM
Falling in love, I said.
Falling into it, we all did then, one way or another. How could he have made such light of it? Sneered even. As if it was trivial for us, a frill, a whim. It was, on the contrary, heavy going. It was the central thing; it was the way you understood yourself; if it never happened to you, not ever, you would be like a mutant, a creature from outer space. Everyone knew that.

Falling in love, we said; I fell for him.
We were falling women. We believed in it, this downward motion: so lovely, like flying, and yet at the same time so dire, so extreme, so unlikely.. The more difficult it was to love the particular man beside us, the more we believed in Love, abstract and total.
We were waiting, always, for the incarnation.

Spot me!

The past 3 days have been so very busy, and I've been thoroughly stressed out through and through, I can already almost feel frown lines on my face. I swear they're just one level under my skin, they're so close to surfacing and they can't wait to come out and see the world ):

I'll start with PE. Last PE was disgustingly horrible. Mr Lim made us do the drain trail. We had to climb through the circular drain under the CJC sign just next to our gate, and it was low and small but wide. And to make things worse, it was completely black, we basically crawled under the school from the front to the back. I felt like a bat.

Anyway, my thighs and back ached like shit because I walked with my legs wide so that I avoided the middle of the drain where it'd be much easier to walk, so that my shoes wouldn't get dirty. It was something the people at the back all did. And I emerged as the cleanest, without much dried leafs or cob webs on my hair because I bent down 90 degrees through the whole journey. I don't wanna do that again. Ever.

And I heard from Elijah that it'll be the forest trail after the drain walk, that means tomorrow :/

Wednesday wasn't any better, since we had our Shooting Selection Trials. All I'll say is, it was tiring. Very tiring. But many potential shooters, and enthusiasts, I'm pretty impressed and happy with what I see, in fact.

Chris.L skipped lecture to settle some stuff,
and I neglected my Maths test completely for some planning stuff; score for Maths FA = 0/17.

Selection trials again tomorrow. And I gotta be in school by 7.20am to prepare the shooters for prize presentation, and I'm gonna prize presentate! :O

Thanks all of you! CJC Shooting Club FTW! (:

ANYWAY! Meet my friend, Sabby! (YES SAB, EGGGGCITINGG! :D <<< >anti-climax to the maximum govt
CHRISTINE; Falling in love, we said; I fell for him. We were falling women. says: hahah i dont think so...
CHRISTINE; Falling in love, we said; I fell for him. We were falling women. says:
sabrina says: HAHAHAH
CHRISTINE; Falling in love, we said; I fell for him. We were falling women. says: hahaahahahhahaha

HAHA, its a History-student insider's joke, so if you dont understand its ok. I can't help it I'm so amused by her nonsense :D

7:54 PM

I dreamt of a crocodile and now I'm scared.
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
4:37 AM
Now I'm a fat house cat
Nursing my sore blunt tongue
Watching the warm poison rats curl through the wide fence cracks
Pissing on magazine photos
Those fishing lures thrown in the cold
And clean blood of Christ mountain stream

Have I found you
Flightless bird, grounded, bleeding or lost you, american mouth
Big pill stuck going down

4:37 AM

Sunday, February 08, 2009
7:16 PM
The pressure's on, from day 1. And I'm already feeling it. I want to cower down, and succumb to the pressure and stress from all the heavy workload, Econs, Maths, GP, Lit, and (especially) History. I'd throw in the towel, I can go take up Law, or go crazy and do Science in some polytechnic, instead of having to go through this. I thought O levels was bad, but this is worse. A gazillion times worse. There isn't a single word I can use to even describe this.

But so many things are holding me back as well. I don't want to give up. I've ran away from all my problems the whole of my life. If there's anything I can do now, its to face and overcome whatever challenge I'm presented with.. but then again, easier said than done. I'm not quitting. I've got my friends whom I'd never want to leave too.

I need support, which I'm not getting at some times. I need alot of support, especially from you, you, you and you.

Yes indeed, its so much easier to just say 'you'.

7:16 PM

5:29 PM

I was searching Youtube for CJ's Mass Dance if anyone actually uploaded the JC1s Mass Dance this year, but instead I came upon this clip I've watched over at least 5 times, of last year's (my batch) Mass Dance instead for Orientation 2. Its not full though, the other half of the mass dance is alot more fun and all, but that'll do for now.

Look carefully at around 00:40, please confirm with me if that's really Aloy!! HAHA!

5:29 PM

Of one that loved not wisely but too well.
Saturday, February 07, 2009
11:13 PM
Its always a bad day, you have to choose.

I feel..
Stressed. Pressurized. Numbed. Stupid. Frustrated. Unfathomable. Destructive. Dismayed. Depressed. Sad. Upset. Dead. Brimmed. Dislodged. Overturned. Empty. Bare. Desolate. Deserted. Abandoned. Futile. Purposeless. Senseless. Hollow. Barren. Inconsequential.. Trivial. Cheesed. Ketchuped. Chillied. Curried. Spiced. Burgered. Pan-caked. Coked. Tea-d.

I don't know.

I must seem really incomprehensible and incoherent to everyone else now.

11:13 PM

Iranian Revolution has led to the Iran-Iraq conflict which has endangered national security, eventually compromising regional security as well.
Thursday, February 05, 2009
10:01 PM

Demand me nothing. What you know, you know.
From this time fourth I never will speak word.

So it was possible afterall, I did take a nap, take what was supposed to be a short break but turned long break, and sleep through till 6am this morning.

It felt so good, like heaven, like paradise.

I don't know why but my pounding and throbbing head ache still remains and it gets so annoying every now and then.

RF test tomorrow, and I'm not able to absorb anything, yet. No luck so far ):

I really really enjoyed the time spent with Sab after our Maths Remedial (which I found out only after I was celebrating the end of school), when we got the whole white board to ourselves. What with us obliterating ourselves from the face of the whiteboard, drawing tombstones on the new sitting arrangement on the board for everyone in class, and turning the door into Berlin Blockade and Salvation zone outside with the religious leaders as saviour (as they are seen to be), and turning our class into a class with single sexuality; Female, and making the guys Footmaid's Tail (haha our lit text's Handmaid's Tale, get it?), and signing off with Maths equations: Sab's y=mx+c and mine's b(squared)-4ac=0.
T04's in for a surprise tomorrow (: Good surprise.

But all in all today's pretty interesting. Watching Aloy writhe in pain while watching the abortion clip, dragging our feet around school for classes and brightening up whenever we get to see Xiuuu. The only bad thing was my mood, but I guess its a small part of everything. I should be contented (:

10:01 PM

Repetitive. Tired. Sickly.
Wednesday, February 04, 2009
9:30 PM
I pray you in your letters,
When you shall these unlucky deeds relate,
Speak of me as I am; nothing extenuate,
Nor set down aught in malice. Then must you speak
Of one that loved not wisely, but too well;
Of one, not easily jealous, but being wrought
Perplexed in the extreme; of one whose hand,
Like the base Indian, threw a pearl away
Richer than all his tribe; of one whose subdued eyes,
Albeit unused to the melting mood,
Drop tears as fast as the Arabian trees
Their medicinable gum.


"Hi, are you interested to join CJC Shooting Club?"
"Would you like to try out pistol or rifle?"
"Stand facing me, legs apart, your shoulder width, alight the sights, aim at beneath the black and pull the trigger."

Repetitions. I've repeated myself over and over again today. I feel almost mechanic now. I'm tired and I feel unwell. My head's not helping either, throbbing and hurting, its like I can feel my head swimming now.

I wanna go sleep, I wanna lie on my bed and rest, but there's still so much to do, its impossible to take a break ):

People who came for the trials to shoot: 128

9:30 PM

To have and to hold, till death do us part.
Sunday, February 01, 2009
7:33 PM
But something had shifted, some balance. I felt shrunken, so that when he put his arms around me, gathering me up, I was small as a doll. I felt love going forward without me.

He doesn't mind this, I thought. He doesn't mind at all. Maybe he even likes it. We are not each other's, any more. Instead, I am his.

Unworthy, unjust, untrue. But that is what happened.

So Luke: what I want to ask you now, what I need to know is, Was I right? Because we never talked about it. By the time I could have done that, I was afraid to. I couldn't afford to lose you.

-The Handmaid's Tale

7:33 PM

4:05 AM
I just came home! And I'm contemplating ditching the idea of doing History now and reading Midnight Sun till I fall asleep.

4:05 AM

1:08 AM
I'm going for my first ever midnight-jog! I'm excited, people (:


1:08 AM