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Thursday, November 29, 2007
10:40 PM
Planned to not sleep yesterday night actually. But I dozed off at about 7am in the morning still -.-" Woke up at 9.45am, and quickly got ready. I had wanted to leave the house at 9am actually. But I fell asleep. Went to White Sands to meet the guys for breakfast. But halfway checking out, they were delayed and stuffs, admin matters. And White Sands was packed. So I took a taxi to Aloha Loyang to look for them. Saw them walking out halfway so I stopped the taxi before we even arrived at our destination.

Walked to Downtown East instead because it was nearer. And the guys were carrying so many stuffs. Dwayne and the others already left when I was there, and I met up with 7 of the guys, excluding Nig. Macs was packed, so we settled for Subway instead. Lol. Ate and talked, and we ended up talking about Maple Story. Like, wth? But yah. Haha. Other than Desmond the rest got all enthu all of a sudden. Some of us were kinda anti-maple but its like, we had company. Lol.

And I know Gentleman's name already. Lol. Its Roderick. Hhaha. He persuaded Nigel and me to go LAN gaming with them at Katong. Called Dad to ask for permission before agreeing to go. They all walked with us home because Nigel needed to bathe and I needed to change. They then left their bags at my place before leaving for LAN, because their stuffs were pretty heavy. Especially Desmond. Sleeping bag, laptop, clothings, etc. Hahaha. Changed out of my FBT shorts and tank top, and Nig wore his jeans. Lol.

Took the bus to Katong and arrived at the LAN gaming center. They were regulars. Lol, Nig and I had to sign up for membership, because we were first-timers to that shop. Initially we took the computers on top. I think everyone played Maple. Roderick psychoed Des and me into creating accounts in the other worlds to play with them, and Desmond was kind of forced into playing Maple together. Lol. We both then started from scratch and we tried to compete with one another. I was leading all the way until Nig wanted to get a drink and we headed down. Then he cheated and took over me. He ks-ed me many times and stole many of my experience points. The guys very kindly prepared out "clothings" which we will need because we were still poor ): They got Desmond black coloured ones and gave me my favourite red ones. Awww, so sweet (:

We tolerated the heat till we reached level 9 and couldn't stand it anymore. Everyone was complaining and sweating. Thats because the air-con was not turned on. Uncle said that it was a waste of electricity to on the air-con because it wasn't full upstairs and when Wesley tried getting him to on the air-con again, he said "Live Earth".

We then swopped computers downstairs in the end. So all of us were splitted up. There were 3 computers in front and the remaining 6 were at the back. Uncle said to get the quiet ones to sit in front. Lol. So Roderick, Des and me sat in front. I sat in the middle. So I kept screening Roderick's screen when we played CounterStrike. Lol. Des and me were a team, and we were against Roderick and Wesley. Lol, Wesley and Roderick kept saying I cheated cause I screened them. Especially since Wesley's com was on my right and I had a full-view. Lol. Roderick, being the gentleman, gave way to me and allowed me to kill him so I could score more points. Wesley didn't give chance -.-" But I managed to kill him a few times. Hahaha.

Then Des wanted to play Battle Field 2. So Roderick and Wesley reluctantly played, because Des was very enthu over BF2. Lol. I wanted to try playing it. Cause he made it sound so fun. And it was fun. It was just like CS but in my opinion, alot better than CS. Lol. I got ran down by the truck thrice though, and had to be revived. That freaked me out a little. Desmond tried teaching me how to fly and control the helicopters, but my helicopter crashed and he quickly landed "me" with a parashoot. Lol. But I still died in the end. I went out of the boundaries. -.-"

The Uncle walked pass and said to Des, "Eh! I ask you to put 3 quiet ones here and you put yourself. Sure not?"

Lol. We 4 made a fair bit of noise. But fortunately there were no complaints. Its not gonna be nice to be thrown out I guess. We continued to play for a while before we left at 5+pm. Des very kindly footed the bill for Nig's and my LAN gaming costs. I told him I couldn't let him pay but he went, "Too bad, paid already.". So we'll treat him back next time, if we're gonna play LAN together again or something. Thanks! (:

Took the bus back home with the guys, and during the bus ride, becaue Nig sat opposite me in the three-seaters' seat at the top-deck, Desmond was next to me, and Wesley was next to Nigel opposite Desmond. And the rest sat at the back row. There was this guy sitting next to Desmond who kept dozing off and he always seemed to almost-land on his shoulder. It happened many times. All of us couldn't stop laughing when he dozed off. Lol, I had to stop looking at the guy because I would burst out in laughter. Des kept shifting uncomfortably in his seat the whole time the guy was next to him. Lol.

Reached home only to find that my block's void-deck has been terrorized with teens in their what, 14s? Golden haired and stuffs. The typical Ahbengs and Ahlians, we all the looked out because we were curious to see what they were doing. Seemed like they were selling stuffs, in the end. Desmond gave me a packet of mashmallows before he left :D :D :D One of the packets hidden by Nicholas yesterday to stop me from eating anymore mashmallows. Des found it while cleaning up the chalet with the guys yesterday night so he passed it to me cause I looovvvveeee mashmallows. Thank youuuuuu! (:

Ballet tomorrow. My body's aching all over ):

10:40 PM

Wednesday, November 28, 2007
10:56 PM
Today's been a terribly long and tiring day. After ballet yesterday my legs hadn't really ached. But after standing in the same position for an hour odd (changing positions ocassionally) to shoot, my legs began to ache badly ):

I was called to stand in for one of the CJC shooters to shoot in the Air Pistol Women's event. Its a friendly competition between CJC and NJC. I began to talk to the CJC girls already (: They are verrryyy nice and verrrryyy friendly. No kidding. Fun to talk to them especially when we were having lunch. Lol.

Coach picked me up at 8.20am under my block, in the car was, his son, Mark, and the St Pats guys, Daniel, Wei Rong, and Christopher. It was a long drive from Pasir Ris to NJC. Coach picked the boys up from the chalet though. So it was prolly very early. Daniel was dozing off in the car throughout the car ride.

I shot a score of 277 out of 400. Not good yet ):

The pistol I used cranked up. I can't sight the gun at all. I think the clicker has gone all rusty or something. Even with the screw driver Coach passed me, I couldn't sight it at all. So I had no choice but to aim off. The lane's grip on the pistol cards that I used was also very loose. My first sighting card fell off, so I had to ask for another card. Lol.

It was also very cold in the range. I was shivering so much that my hand was shaking alot. Luckily Coach told a guy to lend me his jacket. Thank God Coach had got him to lend me the jacket and halfway through the air-cons were offed.

Rushed through all my shots because while everyone had began to shoot I was still trying to aim off at the right position. The sound produced at the range there was also very loud. I was alittle distracted initially. But got used to it after the first few shots.

I was in the second detail. So the shoot for me started at 11.50am till 1.05pm, I think. Then we had to wait for Wei Rong who was in the 3rd detail, and in the 4th detail, Wei Lin, Mark, and Christopher. By the time the entire thing ended, it was already about 5pm.

Mark, Christopher, Wei Rong and me then took Coach's car back to the chalet. I went to the barbeque as a "guest". Lol. Not exactly. Helped a little witht he preparation of the food because I was starrrrving. But mainly, I went there to steal their mashmallows. Lol. I had ike about 2 packets of mashmallows I ate mostly to myself, sharing it with the guys once in a while. I love barbequed mashmallows! :D :D :D

Marshmallows kind of became my dinner. And initially the guys told me to keep it for "desserts" but later everyone seemed to be holding a marshmallow-on-a-stick in their hands. I burnt my mashmallows a few times, and stuffed them to Wesley and Nicholas. The two crazy ones loved chaota-ed mashmallows. Lol. Some of my mashmallows caught fire and the guys laughed at me for not knowing that mashmallows COULD actually catch fire ):

Guys will always be guys. Because the food they cooked were either half-cooked or over-cooked. And it didn't help that the only girl there can not cook -.-" Alot of the food were completely chaota-ed. Hahaha, Desmond was lucky. His were pretty alright. Wesley's chicken wings were majority un-cooked. Hahah. Then I had the uber long arguement with Nicholas because he used tap-water to make his drinks. I felt it was unhygienic. Des offered me this cup of syrup-drink and after drinking it, I found out he used tap-water as well -.-" I declared that I would most prolly get a tummy ache tonight. Lol. But at least Des used the tap-water from the kitchen sink. Nicholas used the tap water from the toilet -.-" That's seriously.. overrated.

Nicholas then came up with this crazy idea of boiling the sausages. Lol. And the gas tank there was almost empty. Wesley, Desmond and Nicholas took turns shaking the gas tank so that the stove could be lighted. I decided that the boiled sausages would be safe for consumption. So I took one. Hahha. In all, I ate 2 sausages and countless of mashmallows.

The guys tried to stop me from hogging the mashmallows by telling me I'd gain 5kg tonight ):

There was this guy who was very nice and gentlemanly, but I can't spell his name. I don't know how to. He's very very nice, although he teased me most about the 5kg thingy, he still brought Nig's slippers to me because I refused to walk barefooted and I was stranded on this chair near the BBQ pit with many ants on the floor. A perfect example of a gentleman (:

Des also helped me alot (: Thanks!

Nicholas got teased the most. Damn funny. Whenever he said anything, everyone told him to "hurry and leave for Beijing". Lol. He's flying off tonight to Beijing I think. Bon Voyage, Nicholas (:

I still like my mashmallows best. <3333

10:56 PM

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
11:18 PM
Today's tiring. Brought Nig out in the morning to meet his fellow St Pats shooters to leave for the chalet. But when he was about to board the bus he remembered he left his wallet at home. So he came to meet me at White Sands while Lia and I were shopping for my hair accessories. We took the bus back and rested for a while before Lia and I brought Nig to take a cab to go to Aloha Loyang. But we kinda got lost in Pasir Ris Park and ended up at the other end of it, and I had to call Des to check where was it because Nig was too shy -.-"

Alighted Nig at the chalet before making a turn back home again. The taxi fare costed 11+ altogether just to bring Nig to Aloha Loyang and come home. That's costly, considering the fact that we only travelled within Pasir Ris.

Came online for awhile before leaving for Tampines Mall. I'm returning to Ballet again. Today's my first lesson :D :D :D

I was running late, so I took the taxi instead. Lol. Ended up like a blur sotong in class. My hands were all over the place and I always ended with the wrong leg. I moved in opposite directions and stuffs. Hahha. But it was fun. And I'm trying to catch up. Lol. Audrey tried to reassure me by saying that she was what I was when she joined back initially. Ms Pang was very understanding. I wanna go back to ballet (:

But then I gotta go make new leotarts and soft shoes. My other shoes are still quite new. I dont have to wear the blue leaotarts anymore. I can upgrade to the black, red, and other coloured ones already! :D

Oh, did I mention that Coach gave me the green light to get an air pistol? This is seriously so cool :D Mom asked if I had the interest, because if I intend to stay on, she's getting me one. She just messaged me to say that we'll prolly get it after we're back from America or something. Maybe we can buy it before we go to America and by the time we're back, the gun would prolly have reached Safra then! Its gonna be so cool to have my own gun. Then I don't have to keep using Safra pistols anymore :D

Gotta go to bed soon. Tomorrow's gonna start early.

Sorry for you having to remind me to wish. Lol, but I seriously wish you all the best in whatever you do from the bottom of my heart (:

11:18 PM

Monday, November 26, 2007
10:37 PM
Shooting today was in a way fun. Nigel and me arrived at the shooting range at 5.30pm, and saw Desmond, Wesley and the other St Pats guys. Queued up for lanes but we had to wait for people to return their weapons first before we could take the lanes. In the meanwhile I changed out of my heels into my shoes. Booked the lanes and collected our weapons after that.

Warmed up and did some dry-fire before shooting. First card was alright. But following the first, my shots went haywire. Coach then called Desmond over and Des then told us we were going to form teams to compete. This was inclusive of me. Jeremy Chow, Wesley, Des and me were a team, while Nig, Jeremy Yuen, Alden and Tomo (I think) formed a team. Jeremy told Nig they didn't have to worry because I'd drag my team down. -.-"

What he said was pretty much the truth anyways.

I kind of relaxed too much in the beginning. I was the second las to finish. I shot the amount of shots the guys were required to shoot. In he Ladies shoots, the standard number of shots were 40, but for the Guys, i was 60. So I shot 60 shots together with the guys. Of course, I came in last, with a score of 423. I was 10+ points away from the last guy. Wasted. Jeremy Y and Des shot 500+. Damn pro. Nig's team won ahead of us by 40 odd points. I think Des's team would have prolly won if another St Pats shooter have taken over me. Lol. I had one shot within the card but out of the targets, which earned my 0 points. Lol.

Jeremy distracted me for one shot. I think I got only 3 or 4 points for that. Managed a few 10 points though :D :D :D

Desmond, Wesley and Jeremy then collected money and helped us buy our dinner. We had yummy chicken chops, but they forgot to include Jeremy Y's share. Hhahaha. So Jeremy Y went around stealing everyone's food, I shared half my chicken chop with him. Haha. We all then chatted with coach for a while before the shooting range closed and everyone left for home.

10:37 PM

1:35 PM
I bought my white skinny jeans from River Island yesterday. The grey one already ran out of sizes. So I bought the white one instead. Hafiz asked me the other time why do I seem so particular about the brands that I buy. But its not that. I'm not particular about the brand. I'm just particular about the cutting. I don't like all branded stuffs. I don't like Levis jeans, becaue the cutting doesn't suit me.

I still like Guess's jeans cutting the most. My other pair of Guess jeans is still wearable and comfortable. But I didn't get my jeans from there though. Cause they only have it in black. I wanted white, and grey skinny jeans. Actually I wouldn't mind having classic blue skinnies either. But there aren't many that I like. Because I'mn ot only particular about the cutting. But I'm also particular of the design of the jeans and the design of the pockets. Thats why I've tried on Topshop's skinny jeans many times but have not been able to buy one. They just look, normal.


I watched my Cathecism class friends get baptised on Saturday. They were baptised with the children, and received their first holy communion. Except those who have been already baptised, the rest of the class except 4 of us were baptised already. The 4 of us will only be baptised on Easter together with our parents. I guess it'll be more meaningful then. To be baptised as a family. Gotta start huting for a white dress. I want something simple and can be worn out as a weekend dress. I think I'm gonna tailor-make one.

1:35 PM

Friday, November 23, 2007
10:04 PM
Today was fantastic. Hafiz watched Enchanted with me. Lol. Initially I was afraid it would bore him to death because it looked like a girly show. But it turned out to be interesting and funny, thank God he enjoyed the show (:

He was such a good friend! He gave me my belated birthday present and there was a duck and another nicely wrapped box. Kept me in suspense because I was dying to know what was wrapped. The duck's really cute it makes this funny sound which sounds like a cackle after a while. Hahaha.

We then went to Yanhong's and Rayna's barbeque at Pasir Ris Park after that and stayed for a while before leaving. We didn't eat though, because the popcorn already filled the both of our stomachs. And we even had an extra packet of twisties we didn't get to eat at all. Lol. Thanks for the invites, Rayna and Yanhong :D :D :D

Fiz and me then headed to Downtown to have dinner. Ate Burger King before heading home because we didn't want to be home too late. I just unwrapped the gift. Inside there were 2 tees with really cute prints. Just what I needed- more tee shirts. And then there was the MCR thing. Its just a pity that I can't make it cause I'll be out of Singapore by then. But honestly, thanks Hafiz! I really really appreciate it, seriously :D

10:04 PM

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
11:18 PM
There's no point putting up a tag board when the taggers are not showing respect. I'm taking it off until, perhaps, someday, you spammers learn some manners and basic repect. I wonder when it'll be, but I don't care.

Thanks Theresse for believing in me (:
Thanks A Girl, for your compliments (:

11:18 PM

6:59 PM
I'd probably get spammed again or something after posting this. Lol. But I don't care. I'd probably get criticised and be hated even more or something. I'm still going ahead. I'm not one to hide my thoughts.

Its not my usual practice to criticise anyone's body size or looks, because I believe its something given by God, and it was never their fault for looking they way they are.


I have to admit. I'm a very confident person. Confident in terms of what I wear and everything else. I don't think I'm thin and slim. But I don't see why I should be bothered about me. Because its in my genes. I can't help having a big hip. I don't get to choose the structure of my bones or what I'm growing into.

The purpose of this post is to let you know, that I know whatever you've said all along. What you said about how my I have big hips, how my dress is ugly, and how you looked fabulous on prom. And you know what? I can't be bothered. I've never bothered talking to you because I'm not threatened by your presence. There is no need for me to be because I know I'm good. Thats enough.

You can go on saying that I think my dress for prom looks great. And indeed, I think the dress is pretty. You can continue telling others that you looked good in your dress and how the dress matches you. But I'm sorry to say this, I didn't think your dress was nice either.

The only reason why I'm finally facing this matter, is because I want you to know. That what you say, what you think, or how you see me, would never affect me. You're suffering from inferior complexity. You're insecure of yourself. I tried being friends with you. I told you stuffs, and tried to talk to you. But you've always put up this false front, for what, I don't know. You use my words as a personal attack towards me. I once told you, I have big hips. And you used it against me instead.

Cheap shot.

But you don't bring me down. You can continue gossiping and bitching about me, and drag me into all of your conversations, it doesn't matter. You can continue to try bringing me down to boost your self-confidence and ego, it doesn't matter either. Honestly, I'm not bothered.

You know who you are (:


And just a word to passerby, I'm happy with the way I am now. I don't need any criticism, because I feel fine. On days, I do feel fat. I complain of my weight, and I'm still trying to lose weight. But you know what? I'm only doing it to try to look even better. Yes, I used even. I think I look good. Everyone who is confident looks good. Who doesn't want to look even better anyways?

6:59 PM

Sunday, November 18, 2007
6:01 PM
PS, I'll be blogging about yesterday first, before I blog about Friday & Prom.

Is a man, still considered a man, when he snatches a lady's seat without asking?
Is a man, still considered a man, when he passes remarks of a 10 year old kid?
Is a man, still considered a man, when he raises his voice at a woman?

I would think, no. I would also think, that these "men" wouldn't exist. I would think, that its impossible to find these 3 things in ONE single "men". And notice I've used inverted commas. These "men" should be ashamed of themselves. Here goes.

I went to Ikea with Mom and Dad yesterday evening. We then proceeded to the cafe for some food and a break from all the walking. While Daddy and I went to get our food, Mom "guarded" the table. This guy, popped up with his try and sat opposite Mom (on my seat), and this is their conversation..

Mom: Excuse me, these seats are taken.

Guy glares at her indicating his unhappiness, and then he DRAGGED my chair over to the next table and plopped his tray down without even asking the people on the next table if the seats were available either.
Mom: Hey! You're dragging the chair away. I told you the seat is taken.
Guy: (In a raised voice) This is not your chair!
Mom: (Raising her voice back) I didn't say it was mine. I said you're dragging THE chair away!
Guy: Its still not your chair.

I happen to come back to the seat by then already and I heard what he said next.

Guy: If its your chair you can take it home.
Me: Stop being lame la.

This shut him up because Mom and I were throwing him dirty looks and he was merely disgracing himself, being lectured by 2 women. I cant believe he's actually a man. And he tries to act like some civillised educated guy. I wonder if he even understands english.

I went back to help Dad with the food and continued throwing him dirty looks again. He began gorging on his plate of chicken wings so quickly and left a couple of minutes later. Before he left, I said aloud, "I can't believe such guys exist. Their existence is a disgrace to all humanity.". And I meant it, he was a disgrace. Fancy snatching some 16-year-old's chair. He himself was about, what? He looked like he was in his late 20-s, approaching 30. Shame on him.


Prom was fun. I woke up that very day and rushed off to Simei Easpoint for my appointment with my usual hairstylist at 1pm. My hair was curled and side-sweeped. Michelle then came over to meet me at Eastpoint and I brought her to the same shop where I did my hair. Jaena then came later also. We had our hairs done in different styles. I wanted mine to be simple, and I felt it was, minus the glitter and stuffs. But I think the glitter actually brought out the design.

I then learnt that Erica and her friends were coming to the same shop and her appointment was at 3pm. We all saw her before we left with our hair done up.

Jaena and Michelle accompanied me to get my lipgloss, and Mich and me accompanied Jaena to get her shoes. While Jaena was fretting over her bag, I remembered my Aldo clutch at home. So she used my clutch instead. Save money and time. We then cabbed back to my house.

We all then rushed to get ready. We changed out of our casual wear and put on our dresses and applied out make-up. Mommy applied my make-up. Because I wanted something simple and light, I didn't see the need to get professional help. I initially wanted to go to The Make-Up Store, either that or Bobbi Brown's counter to get my make-up on. I think Mommy did a great job anyways. Mommy was so sweet, she rushed home from office to bring the 3 of us to prom, because it wasn't really convenient for us to walk to school in dresses and heels.

I wore Mommy's diamonds. And I kept touching my ears to check if the earrings were still there, my wrist if the bracelet was around, and my neck to make sure that the necklace was safe.

When we arrived at the gate, we did not dare to go in, for fear of being rejected at the gate. We then lingered behind the Guard House for a minute or two before entering. Surprisingly, we were allowed to go in. Mr Razak jokingly asked where's our ties, that we will not be granted entry without ties. We entered and stayed around the canteen for a while before proceeding to the hall.

In the hall, we played some games, had the Prom Queen and King contest, and towards the end many began dancing. But throughout the entire thing, Jaena, Michelle and me were busy taking photographs.

Hafiz asked me, why I wasn't on the dance floor. We then agreed that we weren't the dancing type. I felt that it wasn't appropriate to dance like the way they did because they were afterall, in dresses, and some, even in gowns. I felt that there was a need to uphold your image that night, especially when you're so nicely dressed. But, I figured that the rest who danced had fun, and having fun is probably the most important thing afterall (:

Towards the end, I began to get teary and I got Jaena and Mich teary too. I didn't want to leave my friends, by friends, I mean my true friends. True friends, who are still in this school. I didn't want to leave Alex, GX, Alan, Darryl, Jaena, Mich, and Joyna. I didn't want to leave any of them who have grown up with me since I was 13. I felt sad leaving Christian too. Especially Alex, because he was the one who accompanied me through half of my Secondary school life. Even though we don't really talk as much these days, I'll still miss him for everything. And Alan, and Darryl and everyone else. The guys tried to comfort me by saying they'll still meet me in ITE next year. Lol. I'll miss Joyna as well, although she wasn't at prom, becaue she's my best-est friend in this school and always will be. So, to Jaena, Mich and Joyna and Alex, and Alan and the rest of the guys, we'll always be BestFriendsForever (:

Anyway, Alex and Alan and te others promised me they'll keep in touch with me via MSN and SMS and everything else and they'll still go out with me if I date them :D

Mommy fetched the 3 of us back to my house after Prom. It was about 10.30pm when we got to my house and we were all famished, only because the buffet dinner at prom sucked. Thank God Lia was around, she cooked us noodles. Lol. I was talking to Hafiz while Mich was busy taking more pictures and Jaena was busy messaging some one. Lol. They stayed till past midnight and Dad sent them home at maybe about 1am in the morning? Hafiz and me then talked till 2+ in the morning before we were cut off because my battery died on us. Lol.

I believe Prom would be the most memorable evnt in our secondary school lives, if not in mine. Because to be honest I've been looking forward to prom the day I stepped into this very school, since Secondary 1.

I'll post some pictures, but I won't post the picture of Javern and me because I promised him I wont post it anywhere. Lol.

I'm finally done, Theresse :D

6:01 PM

Saturday, November 17, 2007
1:42 PM
Prom was a blast. But theres so much to say, so I'll blog about it later or another day. Will be uploading the pictures real soon (:

1:42 PM

Friday, November 16, 2007
10:12 AM
I hadn't sleep the day before. I only feel asleep at 10am, and woke up at 11am. I stayed up to watch TV. I'm watching shows I've missed the entire year. For now, I'm watching Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu. Late, but yahh. I think Wu Zun is really good-looking. I like his jaw-line its damn sexy. I think many others have already found out he was really handsome wayyyy before me.

Anyways, yesterday was a hectic day. When I woke up at 11, I started to prepare to get out already. I went to Century Square to get my shoe done. Before heading down to Suntect to meet Mommy for my Manicure and Pedicure. It then delayed an hour later and thus making me unable to attend PT. After eating at Parkway, we then shopped around and I got my bag settled. I chose 2 bags, one not-so-formal and one which can only be carried for formal occassions. So I took the not-so-formal one. Its more practical.

Mommy then brought me back to Century Square to pick up my shoe, and shop for something else I needed very importantly. Lol. And we also bought our Harry Potter DVD :D We've gone to some shops and almost bought it but then we found out that they were selling the China cover one, so we refused to get it. And the thing is, they look really alike.

10:12 AM

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
9:49 PM
I went for PT today with the St Pats guys. Turned out there were no girls at all. So I was lonely. Lol, not really. I have Nigel at least (:

Physical Training was damn tiring. There were many things to do, and apparently, Desmond only told me a small part of what we were to do. He only said, stretching. But in fact, it consists of so much more. We had to jog with our knees up really high, and had to do jumping jacks, and push-ups, then we continued this routine many times and there were many others. It was fun, but really tiring. Especially I've been skipping majority of my PE lessons and have not exercised in a long while.

We were also required to do the turning over thing. We had to turn 360 degrees and learn to fall properly. Nig was stucked halfway. Damn funny. Then Jeremy was very panicky cause he scared he'd fall so he kept asking the trainer to hold his legs. Dwayne did the best in my opinion. I got away when the trainer told me to do it because I just kept smiling. Lol. Then he imitated me and said that this is the way girls always get away with things. PT ended after a while. Was damn tired. But, was quite fun overall. There's PT again tomorrow.

I couldnt find my clutch bag today. Gonna go take a look tomorrow I guess. I just need something simple. Nig Mom and I then went for steamboat. We then headed home soon. Too tired to go anywhere else.

I have my manicure and pedicure appointment tomorrow, before PT. But I'm afraid PT will then ruin my nails. But, oh heck. I'll just be slightly more careful.

9:49 PM

6:30 AM
I'm blogging at 6.30am in the morning, but I'll be blogging on yesterday. Theoretically speaking, it is yesterday, because its past 12 midnight.

I woke up in the afternoon, and then I came online. I told Desmond that he was early. But he said it wasn't and he said it was just so typical of girls to wake up in the afternoon. And he consistently refuses to agree with me that a guy is cute because he says its gay for a guy to think that another guy is cute. The Desmond theory.

I continued to stay online till about 3pm, before I prepared to go out. I then went to meet Mommy at Suntec. And I saw Faz at the bus-stop. Apparently, he was gonna play basketball with his friends. I then bought my prom dress at long last. I dont really have to worry about anything else already. The dress I bought was different from the one I wanted. But I still like this equally well. Its much more simple. Its very my-type of dress. Then we shopped around before heading home.

Coach told Nig there'll be CJC students around too for training, so I wont feel lonely. Lol. Thank God, because then I will not be the only girl (:

I've stayed up to watch Korean Drama. The other version of Goong. I need to get more tapes/videos, to keep me occupied at night.. Maybe I'll shop for it today -.-"

Joyna and I have planned for a stayover this Monday. We'll do baking at the same time. Lol, I think it'll be more of a case of you-bake-I-see thing again. Hahha, I just can't bake. But I reckon it'll be fun. Jaena said it should be okay. I only haven't heard from Mich. If its confirmed we'll have to go grab some movies already. Hahhha. I really need a break. A break from everything else and just be with my friend.

I need courage. Courage to get away. To get away and lead the life I really want.

6:30 AM

Monday, November 12, 2007
11:03 AM
I'm really going to die of fatigue. Yet, no matter how tired I am, I don't want to slow down. I don't want to miss a second of the life I have now. Its somewhat, amazing. The taste of freedom is great.

On Saturday, Rina came over to go for Novena with me. But by the time we reached the church it was already 4, and we've missed practice and Novena was already about to start. So we didn't dare to go in. -.-" I then went for RCIY class, and its already the last lesson today. Kenneth and Christine were really nice, they brought up many snacks for the entire class. And though majority of them will still remain in the same class, the 16 years old and above are already moving on, which of course, means I'm included. It was a pleasure meeting every single one of them although all we've done is nod our heads and walk off every week, and Kenneth told lame jokes at times, but overall, he was really funny, and he was fantastic as he conveyed his messages across very clearly.

Then after class, Rina, Mommy and I went to Suntec to shop. But there wasn't really much there and Guess didn't have the colour of the jeans I want. I only bought some nail polish because I wanted new ones already, and Rina and I bought donuts from the Donut Factory. Mom bought a scarf-like-jacket. Or whatever its called, but its nice. And I wore it yesterday. We 3 then headed down to my favourite favourite favourite The Cheesecake Cafe, just to chiiiillll. Because thats what my Mom said and she is damn cool. By the time we left The Cheesecake Cafe it was about 12am, already. Then we headed home.

Rina and I chatted for a while and she left for home too at about 1.45am. Dad had sent her home.

Yesterday Dad woke me up at 9am. I had to accompany Nigel to shooting because Mom and Dad were going to attend a wedding dinner. So I brought him to Safra Yishun and I sat at the shooting range to read my storybook and magazine. After awhile, Coach asked if I were shooting today, so I said I would next week. Then he told me to join the St Pats guys on Wednesdays and Thursdays for the Planet Fitness trainings. I was stunned, I tell you. I'm like, the only girl. And usually, if I trained with them it was usually with the Sec 1 guys and I already know some of them. Now its like, going to be with the Sec 1s to 3s. Yah, I know them here and there but I dont talk to them like I talk to Dwayne and Jeremy. I mean, I talk to Desmond on Friendster, but when we meet we don't talk as much. And Jarence just waves and smile when he walks past. Oh gosh.

Jeremy Nig and I then headed down to Suntec to watch The Game Plan, starring The Rock. I'm only used to calling him The Rock, I mean, I watched wrestling what, and yes, I know. Unladylike, but whatever, I accompanied by brother when he used to watch, so I watch a the same time (:

The show was pretty good, funny, touching, interesting. Its just nice. A little mix of everything. Lol. After the show we headed down to Orchard to look for Jeremy's gift, and we walked all the way till about 7pm before we finally bought him 2 tees. And because he had to be home by 8.30pm, Nig and me made our way home too. I don't know if its because I've walked too much or something, the back of my knees hurt. But maybe it'll just go off in a while.

I'm not sure of the plans today, but I've got facial at 2pm. Maybe I can meet the girls later or something if their all available. (:

11:03 AM

Saturday, November 10, 2007
1:24 AM
Ahh, I just came back like 45 minutes ago. Really tired, because its been a long day. I slept at like 1am yesterday, and woke up at 8am today. After coming online for awhile I went out with Nigel at about 10.30am, headed down to Marina Sq to check out the movie timings. But found out that we had no time to watch a movie, so we went over to Mom's office to find her instead. After having lunch with her we then shopped around Suntec and I collected my tops from Topshop and then headed down to Marina Sq's Coffee Club for a break. Nig then accompanied me to Fourskin to buy my necklace. Lol. He didn't buy anything being the fussy boy he was.

Then it was 5pm, by then already. So I sent him back to Mom's office before heading down to Dhoby Ghaut to meet Shaun. Met him outside Plaza Sing and he facinated me with many card tricks which I had to admit, some were pretty amazing. But I wasn't lousy either, I exposed 3 of his tricks. Hahhaa. We then headed down to Takashimaya as it was already 6pm. We walked there, and I really thanked God I was wearing sneakers instead of heels. I'd prolly have dropped dead if I wore my heels. We lingered at Kinokuniya and I managed to buy a storybook. Lol. I have not read in a long while.

Shaun and I then met up with Sherrie, Vanessa, Qiyang and Yao outside Seoul Garden at and we decided to start with out Lyd, because she'd be late. Lyd then joined us awhile later and we made a din in Seoul Garden, the amount the 8 of us spent at Seoul Garden there altogether was $200+. We continued chatting there till we decided to get or butts out of there and let the rest of the customers eat in peace as we were too noisy (no kidding, we decided to go play pool). Joash then told me I wasted 30 bucks as I didn't eat much. Lol. Hahha. Oh wells. Shaun showed us more tricks and made us more curious and we spent so much time trying to make him tell us how his tricks work. -.-"

By the time we left Seoul Garden it was already 9+pm. We then headed to the streets and it was a toss between pool or the movies. Yao, Joash and I wanted to go to the movies while the others wanted to go play pool. Sherrie had left us earlier as she was meeting her boyfriend. Sweet boyfriend, she has. Lol. Yao, Joash and I wanted to go ahead to the movies initially. But Vanessa told us to go play pool together. So we followed the majority. We then went to Cuppage Centre to play pool. It was packed. Packed with ahbengs and ahlians and we were seriously out of place. Lol. I didn't play though, I just watched the others play. I can't play pool anyways. Lol, so I watched and talked to whoever was resting and continuously bragged that I would have cleared all the balls within a minute. Yao and Joash just laughed. And Qiyang was determined to prove that he was a good player. Lol.

Qiyang left earlier at 10+pm, while Shaun, Lyd, Vanessa, Yao, Joash and me stayed on. We continued playing for a while before deciding to head home. By then it was already about 11.30pm, when we went our seperate ways I think. Yao and I stay pretty near each other so we originally wanted to share a cab home, but Mom feels worried. So she came to fetch us instead. Yao and I got to save money :D Oh yah, and Joash knocked into this scary looking ahbeng when he was playing pool and the ahbeng with dyed hair and scary expression turned around and said, "Oh, sorry ar, sorry ar." Lol. Polite ahbeng. So cute.

Yao and I then waited at Starbucks for her, we sat in the middle main seat on the steps some more. Attention seekers. Hahhaa, no la. We sat there for the fun of it. Then we talked, talked about many stuffs. Lol. Yao's funny. I was drinking my green tea frappucino and I felt a burp coming up, so I kept quiet for a while. Then he patted my shoulder and told me to take it easy. Damn funny la. He thought I was about to cry. Lol. When I told him I was about to burp he rolled his eyes. Mom came in half an hour, at around 12am. By then, we were about done with our talking and I found out a few pretty interesting random facts about him. Hhaha.

Mommy and Yao hit off very well and they "ganged up" against me in the car -.-". Yao's not helping me and he said that I am quite fortunate and said agreed with my Mom that I was spendthrift. Boo. And Mommy didn't believe me that I didn't play I only watched them play pool and Yao said that I really didn't play because I was too lousy at it. Which is true, but there really wasn't a need for him to say ):

Dropped Yao off at his home at about 12.30am I think, before we went to pump petrol before coming home. I should be going to watch tv before going off to sleep soon. I'm going out with Mom to work out at Planet Fitness tmr morning before shopping. And then there's church and RG tmr as well. Lol.

1:24 AM

Friday, November 09, 2007
8:53 AM
I'll be going out with Nigel soon. Watching a movie and going shopping. I cant wait (:

8:53 AM

Thursday, November 08, 2007
8:38 PM
Mommy complained to Nigel that I spent 300 today, within 4 hours. And Nigel said that aits okay, because I've improved from the past. Hahahah.

I bought the suspender shorts from Esprit. Lol. Decided to try on after Mom said its really really nice. And when Momo says its nice, its really nice. Hahah. I also bought my Converse shoes with the red sole! :D

I actually wanted to buy the grey skinny jeans I tried on in River Island. But Mommy said to take a look at Guess first. I'm most likely popping by Guess tmr. Maybe I'll buy the River Island one if I still can't find one I like. I've tried on many. From Topshop and other shops. But I don't like the cutting from Topshop. I don't like Levis cutting either. So far I'm most satisfied with River Island's and Guess's. So, we'll see la. Lol.

We went to Gap to take a look. We bought a dress and a jacket for Kayla, my cousin's baby girl. She is so cute, and I'm probably seeing her this weekend :D :D There's the Gap red products too. But its not as nice as the one I've seen from JoinRed. So Mom said to take a look when we go to US. They should have the pull overs and tees there, I hope.

I bought a pair of sunglasses from River Island also. I actually wanted to buy another pair of shades. But I didn't like the colour. I still want to shop for shades in US, and get a good pair and stick with it, prolly. So I bought the pair of sunglasses which was more different. I want aviator shades too ):

Vivo City was packed! I couldn't really shop. I had a terrible headache there, but it didn't stop me from shopping. I really miss shopping. Mommy said she'll take me to midnight shopping again, like how we always have before O's.

There were these 2 foreigners, eurasians. One of them was trying on a shirt in the changing room next to mine. Then they asked us for our opinions. Lol. I thought he looked okay in it, as in, the shirt was okay. Lol, then I saw him while queuing to pay, and he said that he was taking it and he hopes it really looks okay when I said the shirt looked okay on him. Hahaha. A very friendly eurasian.

I painted my nails red, and I hope I can go shopping with Nigel tmr before tuition dinner.

8:38 PM

12:18 PM
I ended up going express shopping with Jaena and Michelle yesterday. I finally bought my pair of heels. The black scaly pumps with the red sole :D :D :D Finaalllyyyyy.

Jaena and Michelle were very kind to accompany me to shop for them, Michelle ended up buying her own pair too as well. Lol. Hers is nice also, but hers is white and not the scaly kind. But she has the red sole too. Thats why our shoes are so nice, because its red.

I also looked at the Converse shoe, and I saw a sneaker I liked. Its white in colour with words in red all over. The words can be seen only when you look closely, they're the words used for the red product tees. Oh, the sole is red too. I want to show it to Mom and get it today.

Jaena also brought me to see the sony ericsson phone. Its reaaaally nice, and I realy want to get it. Mom said we'll see after our America trip ): But I think I should be able to buy it though. My instinct says so. Lol. We also popped by to see the BBBs (Billy Bomber Boys). Hhahaha. One of the 3 was missing though. Lol.

Anyway, I then went to Mom's office and met her before we headed down to Parkway Parade. We met with Nigel and Jeremy there after they had their shooting training and physical training and we all headed to Sakae Sushi. After dinner Mom and I went to TopShop while Jeremy and Nig waited outside for us. Bought a tee and reserved two others to be collected on Friday. I really miss shoping ): ): ):

I'm going out with Mom soon. She's getting ready now. Heading down to Vivo City to shop. :D
I'll probably blog again later or tmr. And yes, before I forget,

Happy Happy 16th Birthday Darryl! :D

Sorry I'm not able to make it to celebrate your big day, who ask you to be born on a public holiday. Lol. Anyways, you still have the other to celebrate with you. Happy Birthday ar (:

12:18 PM

Wednesday, November 07, 2007
11:39 AM
Nigel ended up having last minute shooting training today. So we've postphoned the movie and shopping trip to tomorrow. Probably going out with Jaena and Michelle later, and Joyna if she is free. Or maybe we'll not be going out today, its not fixed yet. I've been yawning away but I refuse to go to bed. I've not enjoyed such freedom for a long time. I slept at 1 yesterday and woke up at 5 and have been online till now. I refuse to go back to bed.

Oh wells. Jaena and Mich will prolly contact me after school to confirm if we're going out.

I think I've posted this song's lyrics before, but I still think its a fantastic song, and I'm going to post it again.


The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful
Stop me and steal my breath
Emeralds from mountains thrust toward the sky
Never revealing their depth
Tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated
I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above

I'll be your crying shoulder
I'll be love suicide
I'll be better when I'm older
I'll be the greatest fan of your life

Rain falls angry on the tin roof
As we lie awake in my bed
You're my survival, you're my living proof
My love is alive not dead
Tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache, that hang from above

I've been dropped out, burned up, fought my way back from the dead
Tuned in, turned on, Remembered the things that you said

11:39 AM

Tuesday, November 06, 2007
6:21 PM
I am..

over the moon
overwhelmed with joy.

O levels is finally over. The one thing I've worked hard for this year is finally over. And this, is the day I've been looking forward to the entire year. I just really want to enjoy myself. And the first person I've dated to go out with is none other than my brother. He's going out with me tmr, to go for a movie before going shopping. We gotta shop for more of his and my tees, we need jeans, I need tank tops, I need shoes, I need weekend dresses, I need so many stuffs.

Then the one event I've looked forward to since 2004 when I've set foot in PRCS is nearing- prom night. I have a couple of shops/boutiques in mind to get my clothes. But word seems to have gotten out of what I planned to wear. I dont think it'll stop me from buying it though. I've wanted it since a year ago and I've already tried it. I hope no one buys the same dress as me on that day, better yet I hope no one even buys from that shop. But I guess its too much to ask. I dont really want to wear the same brand of dress as anyone though ):

I cant wait to go out with Nig tomorrow. He wants to watch The Rock's show. I don't mind. I wanna watch the show Daniel Radcliffe acted in. Its out on the 25th Nov I think. If I'm not wrong it should be December Boys or something..

Friday's reserved for tuition clique though. But it'll be in the evening, we'll have our usual tuition dinner. This time its at Seoul Garden I think. We've planned so much but most of the time we end up in Village for convenience sake. -.-" This time we don't have to rush for class already. Thats good. (:

Joyna and Jaena left about an hour ago, I think. They were telling me to go have a look at the Sony Ericsson phone. The red one. I think Its w910i, or something. Its the shaker phone. Lol. Anyways, we'll be having sleepovers soon. We can then watch movies the entire night. Somewhat a movie-marathon, I guess. We'll also go shopping soon. But we'll have to decide on the date again.

I have an entire list of stuff I want to buy. I saw this really nice shorts with suspenders from Esprit recently. But I figured I'd look weird in suspenders. Hahaha. I wanna get a vest though, and wear a white tee inside. I want a corset-tube as well. I really miss going shopping. I bet I'll end up like some country bumpkin tmr ):

I want more tees from Volcom and NUM, and I really miss TOPSHOPPPPP ): ): ):
I'm definitely going to shop tomorrow :D

I'm looking forward to December as well, when I can shop more in America. We'll be going to Hollywood as well, and I really really cannot wait.

Eh, when is anyone going to settle the 2.5 chalet ar? Huh, Weixing? o.O

6:21 PM